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25 September
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i'm minorly creative & i have a lot of time on my hands so this page might go on forever. either read it or don't. it's that simple.

i have strange obsessions with the following
boys//cat in the hat//tigger//taking pictures//dying my hair//computer//music//gatorade//nintendo//pins//paper clips//STARS.

stars own my complete entire universe. i have a trillion star earrings & yeah i am just randomly obsessed with stars for no reason. i'm starting to get pretty good at free-hand drawing them & i'm not being conceited. stars are FREAKING awesome & you know it. don't copy me.

im pretty weird. sometimes i get randomly hyper for no reason & i'm EXTREMELY annoying. and other times i am randomly depressed. but NO i am not bipolar so don't worry.

i love the words, mucho, uber, numero, extra, & gotttchaa. i realllly enjoy the phrase "im angered" or "that angers me" O_o. my catch phrase used to be "dot dot dot" until i was informed i'm not allowed to use that. so whatever i'll find at new one and it will be 10x better.

i've FINALLY seen the show invader zim. i like it...lots. i saw the abduction one & the one about chickenfoot or whatever. it was great. rocko's modern life is still better though because rocko's modern life is better than EVERYTHING. but of course there is no DVD for rocko's modern life because the world is insane.
the movie donnie darko confused the hell out of me. but it was still good. the crow is still the all time best besides wizard of oz. PS brandon lee is the most beautiful man ever.

my favorite band of the moment is probably senses fail but then again that changes daily so i wouldn't pay that much attention. i mostly listen to senses fail, alkaline trio & HIM. those three bands are special enough to be on my door. my music taste changes with my mood. i dig the misfits. i hate flogging molly. & sometimes, i rock out to new found flory. oh well if that makes me lose all credibility. i could care less what you think about my music. i bet i hate yours too. =)

i REALLY love video games. especially old school nintendo. shoot the duck is the greatest game invented. new games are pretty kickass too though. my dad is obsessed with video games. it's not my fault we own like every gaming system invented since like, atari. i mean the well-known ones. don't bust out with some weird gaming system from like....tokyo and think i have it. because i don't. anyway, DDR owns my life. that is enough about video games because i am having withdrawls from my gaming world. =(

P.S. Exploding Dog owns my world. okay.

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